Saffran och vitlök is a Restaurant in Sunne, owned by two very passionate people, Åsa and Roland. We got the honor to design a very personal restaurant interior that in every way strived to represent their belief in cocking fantastic food, with the invironment in mind. Everything is made from skratch with locally produced, often eko friendly products. This resulted in a cosy, personal and “green” restaurant, where we upcycled what we were able to keep. Everything that was built for the restaurant, was built locally in Sunne with birch wood from their local forest by Local carpenters. We also added steel details, even them being produced near by. We built handmade paper pulp lamps and also very organic ones from driftwood from the Värmland forest. We made hand made aquarelles. Part of them being of different food to decorate their walls. But we also made a Shop corner in the restaurant where they now offer locally produced products to their costumers and to personalise it even more we made aquarelle portraits of all suppliers represented on that shelf. The restaurant is also full of greenery to make a fantastic indoor climate. A project very close to our hearts!