We’re not so frequent in here as its usually enough for us to manage Instagram in-between all assignments. But I thought since we’ve been working on a lot of prints lately that at least that should be seen in here too.

Our idea is that in combination with selling prints to different brands we would now like to include prints on some of our own products. They are not going to be clothes but it will be on fabric and most likely mainly for kids 🙂

Wait and see!

We’ve had some new requests too that we’ll hope we’ll be able to show you soon. But in the meantime, please follow us on printstudioandyellow if you want to see more of our prints.

This one, the blue African Leo was part of a presentation. We sold some other goodies but not this one so I thought I might just as well show it to you.

This is usually roughly how we might present our prints. A colour chart. the prints them selfs and how they can be put together. Like a mini look book. What do you think?

Tomorrow its easter holiday time for us here so we wanna take the chance to wish you a lovely Happy Easter!!