I scream Ice cream 🙂 🙂 One of this weeks new prints. Had to be an Ice cream. Perfect for block colours and just what we feel like when we’re waiting for the summer to arrive. Happy sweet weekend folks <3 Lots of love from & Yellow xxx

Monochrome inspiration from Comme des Garcons at Dover street market, one of my favourite brands followed by our mascot , the dotted horse and some of our finds in London.

The black and white continues…. with love & Y E L L O W

The Tate modern gift shop brings love, love, love … I wanted to bring every book with me home. Managed to limit myself down to four. This was one of them. “Where do we go when we disappear”

The amazing Alexander Calder was exhibited at Tate modern. Simple yet beautiful.  We took the opportunity to doodle a little colourcombo inspired by his work.